Who doesn’t love a good snack?! Healthy snacks help us fuel our bodies in between meals, so we want to make sure we have healthy, quick and easy snack options to choose from!

1. Grapes in plain greek yogurt with honey.

Find your favorite plain greek yogurt, add a little honey to sweeten it and throw in your favorite fruit (we love grapes!)

2. Veggies & hummus.

Pick your faves! Do you love carrots? Use those! Do you hate carrots? Don’t use them!

3. Cucumber, meat, mustard.

Slice up a cucumber, take some lunch meat, put a dot of mustard on your slice of cucumber, wrap it in your lunch meat and you have a low carb snack!

4. Almonds.
5. Hard boiled eggs.
6. Superfood shake.

We love Shakeology in our shakes, but you can use your favorite protein or superfood shake. Our all time favorite is chocolate shakeology, peanut butter, ice, and cold black coffee (adds a little pick me up!)

7. Cottage cheese with fruit.

Now we know not everyone enjoys fruit in their cottage cheese, so you can eat it plain, or add another fruit or veggie to it.

8. Protein Energy bites.

There are a TON of different recipes online, but we love this one for Maple Spice Protein Balls!

9. Apple & peanut butter.
10. Whole grain cracker with avocado on top.

We hope you enjoy some of these healthy snack ideas! We would love to hear what you think, so make sure you tag us on your social media @coburgfitclub