Did you make 2020 goals? Perhaps you resolved to lose 15 pounds or never touch a carb again. How is that going for you so far? A fresh start is excellent, especially with healthy goals in mind. But all too often, people make strict resolutions, and when life happens for the first time after starting the resolutions, they fall off track. Often that leads to feeling guilty and even giving up altogether. So, let’s talk about how to stay on track with your 2020 goals in a sustainable and healthy way.


Goals are important to have. We can always learn more and do better. My first tip is to make goals instead of resolutions. Resolutions with no room for error set us up for failure, which tends to result in being disappointed with ourselves. We are all people, and people make mistakes. And guess what? That’s okay! It’s good even. Mistakes can help us learn.

Was your goal to give up sugar, but you snagged a bite of your partner’s dessert? If you have been off sugar for a bit already, you may notice more how it affects your body, which can remind you why you made your goal in the first place. If you are struggling with your goal, take a moment to re-evaluate. Ask yourself:

  • What part of my goal am I struggling with?
  • What part of my goal am I doing well at?
  • How could I adjust my goal to stay on track, but also allow myself to be more successful?


Leave room for mistakes and choices. Instead of saying, “My goal is to never touch a single carb in 2020,” try “My goal is to limit my carb intake in 2020 to mostly healthy carbs.”
Instead of “I am going to lose 15 pounds in 2020,” try, “I will do my best to make healthier choices in 2020 to support me on my journey to a healthier me.” It is never too late to reword your goals or resolutions. It is far better to adjust to a realistic goal than to give up on an unrealistic one and do nothing.


Mistakes are not excuses. We aren’t leaving room for excuses to take you off track every weekend or every holiday. It’s up to you to know if you are making a mistake, a choice that is best for you, or an excuse. Your goal is your own, and you are the only one who can choose to make it a priority.


Do you like it when someone tells you that you HAVE to do something or that you CAN’T do something? Taking away choice or strictly forbidding something – especially around things that involve food, exercise, and other health topics – can be dangerous territory. It can cause eating disorders, exercise disorders, guilt, depression, and a general decline in overall health.

Always leave room for choice without guilt. Sometimes a guilt-free piece of chocolate or a day off from your new workout routine can be just what you need for self-care that day. Just remember that you aren’t tossing your goals aside for good. Have that piece of chocolate, and then continue with your goals in a way that benefits you and your vision of 2020. Did you make 2020 goals? We would love to hear about them and how they are going so far!